About us

About Us


Roots came about through the creative mind of Queena Gant,a Louisiana native that grew up cooking in the kitchen with her aunts,you can taste the flavor she has possessed from her Southern Roots in all of her meals.
She is a master when it comes to making mock meats that you would really think was the real thing, and her vegetable sides are second to none in the plant based community.
Queena has been Plant Based for 11 years due to her struggles with many serious illnesses she has suffered from such as Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  Millions of people have the same issues she used to have,and this was one of the reasons we came up with the idea of Roots Plant Based Cuisine.  We want to help others get rid of the diseases and illnesses they suffer from on a daily basis.
We decided  to assist others in changing the way they eat by  creating amazing food that we all love such as Southern Fried Chicken,Fried Fysh,Red Beans and Rice,Collards, Mac N Cheez, all the favorites we have grown to love.
The difference is our food is made with plants, so you are able to enjoy your favorites without the guilt of eating food that is not good for your body.
You will never have to question if any of our items are plant based, we pride ourselves on giving you the best food made directly from plants.
All of our mock meats are made in house by our staff,nothing is processed, we do not use any soy or synthetic products.
Roots Plant Based Cuisine is here to change lives by offering our customers their favorite foods made from plants.




Thur- Sun: 4.00 – 8.00

2051 Metropolitan Pkwy,
Atlanta, GA 30315